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Sunday 14 June 2020

Meeting in Pontedera

Sustainability, environment, recycling ... as millennials imagine the world in 2030

Saturday 11 April 2020

2020/02/09-15 - MEETING IN ITALY C2


The first short-term exchange with pupils will be held in İtaly in February 2020. It will consist on five days with activities and two further days for travelling. There will be 2 teacher and 6 students from each participant school.
The five days of activities are described as follows:
1st Day: Presentation of the Italian school, the city, the country and its culture / warm-up activities and snacks.
2nd Day: Debate among the students on how to use science and technology for the sake of society with innovative solutions to real-world problems.
3rd Day: Role-play representing a society teaching people how to respect (showing respect is a good way to maintain personal relationship and this leads to a more peaceful world).
4th Day: Cultural trip.
5th Day: Evaluation of the exchange.
Between the 9th and the 15th of February, we had our second meeting in Pontedera, Italy. We were nine students and three teachers. We need to highlight the relevant participation of our students throughout the meeting, not only as far as their behavior is concerned, but also in view of their implication and way of working with the students from the other partner countries.
During these days, students lived in the homes of Italian students. Thanks to this, they were able to have a closer contact with them and learn more about the reality of Italian families.
At E. Montale High School in Pontedera, the sessions were held in groups consisting of students from different countries working on the topics chosen during the week, especially on technology and the environment. This work in groups was followed with interest by the students. At the end, the results were presented in English.
We also had the opportunity to visit Pisa and Lucca, one day, and Florence and the Uffizi Gallery another day. In Pontedera we visited the city, a primary school, a secondary school and the Piaggio museum.

Erasmus Pontedera - Presentation

Pontedera - Presentation in PDF - click here

Erasmus Madrid - Presentation

Madrid - Presentation in PDF - click here

2019/11/11-15 - First Meeting in Spain


The first staff training was celebrated in Spain (Madrid) in November 2019, during 3 days excluding travelling days. There were 3 teachers from each participant school taking part in this meeting.

In the three-day training these activities were developed:

1st Day: Presentation of the school, the town, the country and its culture and educational system, having some warm-up activities like icebreakers; dividing tasks and roles.

2nd Day: Observing lessons such as Science and Technology, Information Technology, Maths, Foreign Language.

3rd Day: Discussing curriculum, student-centred education, inquiry-based learning, using ICT in lessons and trying to find out what appropriate technologies can be useful for teaching and for the presentation of reports.

Moreover, in this meeting, the partners have deeply discussed about responsibilities and tasks preparing a shared detailed list of all the activities and responsibilities, distributing the roles in line with the expertise of each school. Each partner will be responsible of a specific work package such as:

- Introduction of the participant schools;
- Selection of the project logo;
- Designing the project website;
- Creation of an eTwinning page;
- Designing a Facebook page and blog.


All the activities listed above were developed. At the high school, all partner countries attended the opening of the entrepreneurship classroom, with the presence of educational authorities of the Autonomous Region of Madrid and the city council of Alcorcón. They visited the orchard, where the people who usually take care of it explained how they were collaborating. They also attended experiments at the physics laboratory and visited the rest of the school facilities. They also attended some of the lessons.

We chose the logo and motto of the project and planned the different stages, meetings and activities for the rest of the project, which are to be developed in the next two years.

These days we were greeted by the Mayor of the city of Alcorcón and by the director of the Glass Museum of the city.

It is worth noting the collaborative work and the good atmosphere that was achieved during these days, which encourages us to prepare the next meeting, which will take place in Italy.


After the meeting, each of the participating countries has carried out the tasks they had been assigned. In our case (Spain), we have made a blog in which the summaries of the different activities and some photos of the meetings will be uploaded. Furthermore, it will be used as a means of communication between the participating countries.

A WhatsApp group for the coordinators of the project was created.

An eTwnning space was created by the high school from Karaman.

A Facebook account was opened by the school from Mersin.

The French high school is responsible for making sure that the tasks are being carried out in a timely manner.

Each country has installed an Eramus+ point at their school.

Monday 11
Tuesday 12
Wednesday 13
Thursday 14
Friday 15


09.00:  Welcome

09.30:  Inauguration of the Entrepreneurship classroom

10.30: Break

11.30:  Arboleda High School Tour

14.00   Lunch
09.00:  Presentation about the Spanish Educational System

10.10:  Logo and Slogan Contest

11.00:  Break

11.30:  Entrepeneurship Presentation

12.30: Project planning and organization

09.00: “Aulas felices” (Happy classsrooms) presentation

09.30: Activities in the vegetable garden

10-15: Activities in Physics

11.10: Break

11.30: “Aulas felices” (Happy classrooms) activities

12.30: Project planning and organization

14.00 Lunch


Alcorcón Tour
Glass Museum Tour and activities

Toledo   Lunch and visit

Free time

Very special farewell Spanish dinner

2019/09/19-20 - SEPIE sessions in Madrid, Faculty of Philology, for project coordinators 2019-20

The Erasmus+ National Agency brought together Erasmus programme coordinators in Spain. We met at the Faculty of Philology of the Complutense University of Madrid on 19th and 20th September. They were very intense and interesting days.

The work and presentations of SEPIE representatives were characterized by their high quality, constant attention and outstanding patience to explain the details of the projects.